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The stars of the main page are arranged vertically by their colors (from blue to red) and temperatures (from about 50,000 Kelvin to under 3000 Kelvin) according to their spectral classes. Go to the table to see how class, temperature, and color relate to one another. The stars are then arranged horizontally according to their luminosity classes, that is, according to whether they are main sequence "dwarfs", giants, subgiants (which fall between the dwarfs and giants), supergiants, or bright giants (which fall between the giants and the supergiants). With one known exception, class L is a mixture of low mass dwarfs and brown dwarfs, while T stars are all brown dwarfs. If the components of a double or multiple star are significant and highlighted in the star's story, each is listed seperately. Carbon stars, class C, for which carbon exceeds oxygen in abundance, and class S, for which they are about equal, are listed at the end of the main table.

Each star in the table is introduced by its MKK class, which consists of its decimalized letter class (in which the broad classes are subdivided 0 [zero] through 9 from warmest to coolest) followed by a Roman numeral that gives the luminosity: I through V for supergiant, bright giant, giant, subgiant, and dwarf. Ia supergiants are more luminous than Ib supergiants; "0" ("zero") as a luminosity class stands for "hypergiant," a star more luminous than a supergiant. Hypergiants are included with Ia supergiants. Stars with "p" for peculiar or "m" for "metallic line" cannot be simply classified. Brown dwarfs are referred to as "BD," while "pms" indicates a not-quite-stabilized "pre-main sequence" star (a "protostar".

Separate tables at the end list white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, and various kinds of variable stars.

You can find many of these stars on this classic HR diagram.

Note on the Distribution of the Stars

B and A dwarfs are very common among the bright stars of the naked-eye sky, whereas O dwarfs are relatively rare. B and even O supergiants show up, but A supergiants are rare indeed. As temperature goes down from O to M (blue to red), the stars of the table shift more to the right. K dwarfs are few, and there are no M dwarfs at all that are not faint components of double stars. The only naked-eye M stars are giants and supergiants. This distribution is counter to the true numbers. The most common kinds of stars are M dwarfs. They are just so faint that none occupy the naked-eye sky. Though A and B dwarfs are truly not all that common, they are bright and can be seen far away, so there seem to be many of them. O stars are exceedingly rare, but can be seen over great distances, their apparent number all out of proportion to their true population. The end result is that most naked eye stars are much more luminous than the Sun.





Bright Giants


O O6V Theta-1 Ori C O9III Iota Ori O5Ia Zeta Pup
O7V 15=S Mon O6I Lambda Cep
O7e+O7 29 CMa O7.5I+O6I HR 2422 Mon
O7V+O7V HR 6535 Sco O7.5Iab Xi Per
O7.5 Gamma-2 Vel O9Ib Tau CMa
O8 Lambda Ori A O9Ib 19 Cep
O8 68 Cyg O9Ib Zeta Ori A
O9V 10 Lac O9.5Ia Alpha Cam
O9V Delta Ori B O9.7Iab Cyg X-1
O9.5V AE Aur O9.5V Mu Col WC8 Gamma Vel-B
O9.5V Sigma Sco
O9.5V Zeta Oph
O9.5p X Per
O9.5V Sigma Ori A
B B0V Albireo-B B0IV Gamma Cas B0III Zeta Ori B B1II Beta CMa B0 0 Eta Car
B0V Tau Sco B0.3IV Delta Sco B0III Delta Ori A B2II Epsilon CMa B0Ia Epsilon Ori
B0V Theta-1 Ori B B0.5IV Alpha Cru-1 B0III Phi-1 Ori B2II-III Lambda Pav B0Ia Mu Nor
B0V Theta Car B0.5IV Lambda Lep B0III+B0IV-V 1 Cam B3II Iota CMa B0Ia+WC5 Theta Mus
B0V Upsilon Ori B0.5IV Xi-1 CMa B0.5III Kappa Aql B7II+B0.5V Beta Lyr B0.5Ia Kappa Ori
B0.5V Sigma Ori B B1IV Beta Cep B0.5III Beta Cru B8II Gamma CMa B1Iab Zeta Per
B0.5V Epsilon Per B1.5IV+B2 Lambda Sco B1III Beta Cen B8II-III Mu Oph B1Ib Gamma Ara
B0.5V Theta-1 Ori D B1.5IV Kappa CMa B1III Alpha Vir A B8II-III Pi Cap B1Ib Rho Leo
B0.5V 40 Per B1.5IV Delta Lup B1III Epsilon Cen B1Ia Kappa Cas
B0.5V Lambda Ori B B2IV Nu Sco A-B B1.5III Kappa Sco B1Ia Zeta-1 Sco
B1V Theta-1 Ori A B2IV Theta Oph B1.5III Alpha Lup B2Ia-0 P Cyg
B1V VV Ori B2IV-V Alpha Mus B1.5III Omicron Per B2Ia Chi-2 Ori
B1V+B2V Pi Sco B2IV Rho Oph B1.5III Alpha Pyx B2Ib Theta Ara
B1V Pi Aqr B2IV-V Mu-1 Cru B2III Nu Eri B3Ia Omicron-2 CMa
B1V 25 Ori B2IV-V Kappa Vel B2III Beta Lup B3Ia 55 Cyg
B1Vp+B3IV V Pup B2IV Delta Cet B2III Gamma Ori B5Ib 67 Oph
B1V 59 Cyg B2IV Zeta Cas B2III Sigma Sco B5Ib Phi Vel
B1V+B3V Sigma Cas B2IV Delta Cen B2III+B2IV Pi-4 Ori B5Ia Eta CMa
B1V Alpha-2 Cru B2IV-V Rho Sco B3III Omega Ori B5Iab Chi Aur
B1V Eta Ori A B2IV Lambda Eri B3III+B0V Pi-5 Ori B8Ia Beta Ori
B1V Omega-1 Sco B2IV Gamma Lup B3III 27 CMa B8Ia Mu Sgr
B1.5V+B6V Mu-1 Sco B2IV Nu Cen B3III Epsilon Cas B9Ia HR 1035 Cam
B1.5V+B5III 68 Her B2IV-V Mu Cen B4III Zeta Scl B9Iab Sigma Cyg
B1.5V Beta-1 Sco B2IV-V Omega CMa B5III 48 Lib
B1.5V Eta Cen B2IV Chi Oph B5III Iota Aql
B2V Epsilon Car B B2IV Upsilon Sco B5III Tau Ori
B2V+B3V Beta Mus B2IV Kappa Cen B5III 3 Cen A
B2V Alpha Pav B2IV Psi Ori B5III Delta Per
B2V Sigma Ori E B2IV Gamma Peg B6III 17 Tau
B2V Alpha Ara B2IV Zeta Tau B6III Kappa Dra
B2V Chi Cen B2IV Phi Cen B6III Nu Gem
B2V Beta-2 Sco B2IV-V a Car B6III Zeta Dra
B2V Phi Per B2IV Delta Cru B6III Epsilon Del
B2V 10 Mon B2IV-V Epsilon Lup B6III 3 Vul
B2V Eta Ori B B2.5IV Zeta Cen B6III Lambda Cet
B2.5V Delta-1 Lyr B2.5IV Iota Lup B6IIIpe+A2p Lambda Cet
B2.5V Theta Lup B2.5IV Eta Lyr B7III Beta Tau
B2.5V Zeta Cru B2.5IV Eta Lup B7III Eta Tau
B2.5V Sigma Sgr B2.5IV Omega-1 Cyg B7III Alpha Scl
B2.5V Epsilon Cap B2.5IV Gamma Col B8III 27 Tau
B2.5V Zeta CMa B3IV Mu Tau B8III Gamma Gru
B2.5V Tau Lib B3IV Alpha Tel B8III+A Kappa Cnc
B2.5V 7 Mon B3IV Iota Her B8III Omega Cas
B3V Eta Hya B3IV Chi Car B8III Tau And
B3V 30 Tau A B4IV 53 Per B8III Omega Car
B3V+B3V Sigma Aql B4IV 4 Cen B8IIIp Rho Aqr
B3Ve 48 Per B5IV Tau Her B8III Nu Pup
B3V+A1V+ B5IV Mu Eri B8III Phi Sgr
B3V Alpha Eri B6IV Phi And A B8III=IV+B85.5 Chi-2 Hya
B3V Lambda Lup B6IV 19 Tau B8III Gamma Crv
B3V Eta UMa B7IV Alpha Col B8III 20 Tau
B3V Alpha Leo B7IV 23 Tau B9III Beta Hya
B3V Rho Aur B7IV 16 Tau B9III Xi-2 Cet
B3V Beta Mon B7IV Alpha Gruis B9III Lambda Cen
B3V Lambda Tau A B8IV Alpha And B9III Gamma Lyr
B3V Eta Aur B9IV+A3V Gamma CrB B9.5III Epsilon Sgr
B4V p Car B9IV Alpha Del B9.5III Rho Her A
B4V Lambda CMa B9IV+B9V Iota Lib B9.5III Beta-1 Cap
B5V Mu-2 Cru B9.5IVp Beta Scl B9.5III Theta Aql
B5V Psi Per B9.5IV+A2Vm Chi Lup
B5V Pi And B9.5IV Delta Cyg A
B5Ve Lambda Cyg
B5V Nu And
B5V+B7V 32 Ori
B5V Zeta Aur B
B5.5V+G0III Chi Aql
B6V Beta Psc
B6V+B8V Zeta Phe
B6V 2 Lac
B6V Theta CrB
B6V Beta Sex
B7V Zeta-2 CrB
B7V+B9V GG Lup
B8V+KIII Beta Per
B8V+A0V Gamma-2 And
B8V Beta CMi
B8V 28 Tau
B8V Beta Lib
B8V Alpha Sgr
B8V Nu Sco C
B8V 41 Ari
B8V Zeta Peg
B8V Iota Lep
B8V 3 Cen B
B8V Zeta Crv
B8V+B8V Tau-5 Eri
B8V+B9V Lambda Cas
B8p+A8V Phi Her
B9V Alpha Peg
B9V Nu Sco D
B9V Gamma-1 Ari
B9V Beta-1 Sgr
B9V Eta Aqr
B9V Beta-1 Tuc
B9V Lambda Aql
B9V Xi Tau
B9V 17 Dra A
B9V 4 Aql
B9V Zeta-1 CrB
B9p Mu Lep
B9p Pi-1 Boo
B9p Omega Her
B9.5V Delta Crv
B9.5V Phi And B
B9.5V 16 Dra
B9.5V Kappa-1 Lup
B9.5V Theta Crt
B9.5V+K0IV Delta Lib
B9.5V Nu Cap
B9.5V Omicron Her
B9.5V Theta Hydrae
A A0V Alpha Lyr A0IV Gamma Gem A0III Alpha Dra A5II Omicron Sco AI? Upsilon Sgr
A0V Alpha CrB A1IV Gamma Cen A0III Alpha Sext A0Ib 13 Mon
A0V Gamma UMa A1IV Gamma Cnc A0III Alpha Dor A0Ib Eta Leo
A0V Gamma Aqr A1IV-V Gamma Sct A0III Gamma PsA A0Ia HR 1040
A0V Alpha Psc A A1IV+Am Theta Vir A2III Zeta Sgr A A1Ia Alpha Cyg
A0V Zeta Aql A2IV Beta Car A2III+wd Beta Crt A2Ib Iota-2 Sco
A0V Lambda Oph A A2IV Lambda UMa A3III Theta Gem A2Iab Nu Cep
A0V Beta-3 Tuc A2IV Beta Ser A3-5IIIm Beta Hor A2Ia Omi-2 Cen
A0V Rho Her B A2IV Beta Aur A3III Beta Eri A3Ia 6 Cas
A0V 8 Her A2IV Eta Vir A4III Theta-1 Eri A6Ib+B3-4IV Upsilon Car
A0V Epsilon Her A2.5IVm Alpha Vol A5III-IV Delta Cas A8Ib Iota Car
A0V Gamma Oph A3IV Alpha-2 Lib A5III 95 Her A
A0V Beta PsA A3IV Delta Her A5III Alpha Oph
A0V 109 Vir A3IV Mu Lyr A7III Beta Pav
A0V Rho Vir A3IV Phi UMa A7III Gamma Boo
A0p Theta Aur A3IV Kappa-2 Lup A7III? Gamma Cap
A0p Kappa Psc A3IV Psi Sco A7IIIp Delta Del
A0p Alpha-2 CVn A4IV Zeta Sgr B A7III Theta-2 Tau
A0p Epsilon UMa A4IV Lambda Tau B A7III q Pup
A0p Phi Dra A5IV Epsilon Mon A A9III Gamma Her
A0p 43 Cas A5IV Beta Tri
A0p AB Aur A7IV HR 8938 Cep
A0p 45=CX Leo A7IV Alpha Pic
A0p CU Vir A7IV Theta Tuc
A0p Lambda Boo A7IV-V Kappa-1 Tau
A0p+A3p? 17 Com A8IV Kappa-2 Boo
A0p IQ Aur A9IV 14 Aur A
A1V Theta-2 Eri A9IV Omega Eri
A1V Alpha Gem A
A1V Alpha Lac
A1V Beta UMa
A1V Delta UMi
A1V Gamma Tri
A1V Alpha CMa
A1V Kappa UMa
A1V Delta Vel
A1V Gamma TrA
A1V Theta Cap
A1V Epsilon Aqr
A1V 17 Dra B
A1V Delta Hya
A1V+A2V 54 Leo
A1V Iota-1 Cyg
A1V Rho Peg
A1m 60 Leo
A1p Gamma-2 Ari
A1p 78 Vir
A1e 1 Del
A2V Zeta UMa A
A2V Epsilon Boo B
A2V Alpha CrA
A2V Gamma Per B
A2V Eta Oph A
A2V Zeta Boo A/B
A2V+A7V Beta-2 Tuc
A2V Theta Leo
A2V Iota Cen
A2V Rho Aql
A2V 29 Cyg
A2V Theta Peg
A2V Epsilon Ari A,B
A2V Nu Ser
A2V Pi Per
A2V Theta And
A2V Sigma And
A2V q Vel
A2m 24 UMi
A2mV Mu Ori A
A2m Epsilon Ser
A2m 2 UMa
A3V Eta Oph B
A3V Beta Leo
A3V Gamma UMi
A3V Delta UMa
A3V Gamma Cet A
A3V Alpha Psc B
A3V Iota Cnc B
A3V Epsilon-1 Lyr A
A3V Zeta Umi
A3V Zeta Vir
A3V HR 286 UMi
A3V+A4V? 38 Lyn
A3V Delta Aqr
A3V Beta Equ
A3V Zeta Lep
A3V Lambda Gem
A3V Tau Vir
A3V Zeta Sge
A3V Zeta Del
A3V Epsilon Gru
A3m Xi Cep
A3m Mu Aqr
A4V Delta Leo
A4V Lambda Oph B
A4V Psi Cyg
A4m Nu-2 Dra
A4m Mu Aur
A5V 80 UMa
A5Vm Alpha Gem B
A5V Theta Ser
A5V Alpha Equ B
A5V Beta Ari
A5V Nu-2 Boo
A5V Epsilon-2 Lyr C
A5V Epsilon-2 Lyr D
A5V Beta Pic
A5V Gamma Crt
A5V Mu And
A5V Iota Cyg
A5m Alpha Cnc
A5m Zeta Eri
A5p Iota Cas
A6V Nu-1 Dra
A6V Pi-2 Boo
A7V Kappa-2 Tau
A7V Zeta UMa B
A7V Alpha Cep
A7V Iota UMa
A7V Epsilon-1 Lyr B
A7V Theta Cas
A7V 21 LMi
A7V 27 Vir
A7Vp Alpha Cir
A7V+F-G? Theta Ant
A7V Xi Aqr
A8V Alpha PSa
A8V Alpha Aql
A9V Iota Boo
AmV Delta Cap
AmV Zeta Lyr A
F F0V Alpha-1 CVn F0IV Delta Ser F0III Zeta Leo F0II Alpha Car F0Ia Alpha Lep
F0V Gamma Vir F0IV Zeta Lyr D F0III Eta CMi F1II Theta Sco F0Ia Epsilon Aur
F0p Beta CrB F0IV Xi Ser F0III Delta-1 CMi F1II V1334 Cyg F0Ia Phi Cas
F0V Mu Boo F0IV Epsilon Cep F0III Sigma Octantis F2II-III Omicron-1 Eri F2Ia Iota-1 Sco
F0V-IV Alpha Crv F0IV 23 UMa F2III-IV Beta Cas F2II Pi Sgr F2Ib 89 Her
F0V Alpha Hyi F0IV Mu Cet F2III Delta Sct F2II Nu Her F2Ib Nu Aql
F0V+F3V Pi PsA F0IV 35=UU Psc F2III Beta TrA F2-3FII-III Psi-2 dra F5Ib Delta Cep
F0V Rho Gem F2IV Zeta-1 Aqr F2III Beta-2 Sgr F5II Nu Per F5Ib Alpha Per
F0V 51 Eri F2IV Upsilon UMa F2III Mu Vir F6II Rho Pup F5I-II Kappa Pav
F0p Gamma Equ F2IV Delta Gem F2III Eta Cru F6II+A5V Omicron Leo F6Ia Beta Dor
F1V Kappa-1 UMa F2IV Tau Cyg F3III-IV Eta Sco F6II Delta Vol F7Ib Zeta Gem
F1V Delta Cyg B F2IV Zeta Ser F3III-IV Pi-2 Gru F7II X Sgr F7Ib Alpha UMi
F2V HR 4686 UMi F3IV+F0IV Psi Vel F3III Chi Cet F8Ib Eta Aql
F2V Eta Crv F3IV Delta Aql F3III Rho And F8Ib Gamma-1 Sgr
F2V+G6V 78 UMa F3IV 1 Cen F4+F5III Alpha Oct F8Ia Delta CMa
F2V Alpha Cae A F3IV Chi-1 Hya F4III Gamma Dor F8Ib Sadr
F2V Gamma-1 Vol F4IV+F3 p Vel F5III RR Lyr F8Ib FF Aql
F2V Sigma Boo F4IV Iota Leo A F5III Alpha Cha F9I-II U Aql
F2V Xi Oph F5IV Alpha CMi F5III Pi-2 Peg
F2V Epsilon CrA F5IV Alpha-1 Lib F6III Iota Vir
F3V Zeta-2 Aqr F5IV Alpha Tri F6III-IV Xi Peg
F3V 14 Aur Ca F5IV Epsilon Equ A F8III-IV 5 Ser
F3V Gamma Cet B F5IV Beta Del F9III+A3V Pi Aql
sdF3 HD 140283 F5IV Omega Psc
F4V+F5V Xi Sco F5IV Kappa Peg
F5V 10 UMa A F5IV HR 1107
F5V Alpha Com F5IV Xi Gem
F5Vpms 30 Tau B F5IV-V+G0V Psi Dra
F5V 6 Tri B F6IV Theta Uma
F5V Eta Umi F7IV Sigma Peg
F5V Psi Cap F7IV Epsilon Equ B
F5V Mu Ori B F8IV Theta Dra
F5V Epsilon Mon B F8IV Alpha For A
F5V Iota Peg F9IV 12 Boo
F5V+G0V Delta Equ
F5V+F5V VV Crv
F6V Gamma Ser
F6V Pi-3 Ori
F6V Gamma Lep A
F6V Tau-1 Eri
F6V Gamma Pav
F6V Mu-1 Cyg
F6V Chi Cnc
F7V Gamma-1 Del
F7V Theta Boo
F7V Iota Psc
F7V+F7V Mu Dra
F8V Beta LMi B
F8V Chi Her
F8V Zeta Cnc A
F8V Theta Per
F8V Omicron Aql
F8V+F85 Gamma CrA
F9V Beta Vir
F9V Zeta Cnc B
F9V Zeta Tuc
F9V Omega Leo
G G0V Beta CVn G0IV Eta Boo G0III Alpha Aur B G1II Epsilon Leo G0Ib Beta Aqr
G0V Beta Com G0IV Zeta Her A G0III 31 Com G2II-III Eta Peg G0Ib Beta Cam
G0V Delta Boo B G2IV Beta Hyi G1III Alpha Sgr G3II-III Omega-2 Sco G0Ib Mu Per
G0V+G9V Delta Tri G2IV-V Lambda Aur G3.5III-IV Delta CrB G5II Beta Crv G0Iap R CrB
G0V Iota Per G5IV Mu Her G4III+A4V Tau Per G5II Beta Sct G2Ib-II Beta Dra
G0V Sigma-2 CrB G5IV Kappa Del G5III Alpha Aur A G5II Beta Lep G2Ia-0 Rho Cas
G0V Xi UMa A G6-8IV Delta Pav G5III Alpha Equ A G6II-III Xi-1 Cet G2Ib Zeta Mon
G0V Chi-1 Ori G8IV 31 Aql G5III Omicron UMa G7II Delta Col G2Ib Alpha Aqr
G0V+G3V Eta CrB G8IV Beta Aql G5III Epsilon Hya G8II Epsilon Sct G3Ib l ("el") Car
G0V Lambda Ser G5III Mu Vel A G8II-III Alpha Ret G3Ib Alpha-1 Cap
G0V 10 CVn G5III Epsilon UMi G9II-III Zeta Hya G30-Ia Omi-1 Cen
G1V 53 Aqr A G5III 6 Tri A G40-G0Iab HR 8752 Cas
G1V HD 11131 Cet G6III Gamma Mic G4Ib Zeta Cap
G1V Sigma-1 CrB G6III Pi-1 Peg G5Ib+A0V Psi And
G1.5V Pi-1 UMa G6III Omicron Tau G5Ib Omega Gem
G2V Alpha Cen A G7III Beta Her G5Ib S=10 Sge
G2V 9 Cet G7III Gamma-2 Leo G6Ia Xi Pup
G2V Mu Vel B G7III Eta Psc G8Ib Epsilon Gem
G2V 18 Sco G7III Delta-1 Gru G8Ib 56 Peg
G2V+K2V? 44 Boo G7III Alpha Mic
G2V Mu-2 Cyg G7III 1 Gem
G2V Zeta-2 Ret G7III+F5? Eps Dra
G2V The Sun G7.5III Iota Cnc A
G2V 53 Aqr B G8III Epsilon Vir
G3-5V Zeta-1 Ret G8III Beta Boo
G3V Iota Leo B G8III Gamma Per A
G3V Eta Cas A G8III Delta Boo A
G5p Mu Cas G8III Eta Dra
G5V Kappa-1 Cet G8III Epsilon And
G5V Xi UMa B G8III Zeta Cyg
G5V 10 UMa B G8III 95 Her B
G5V Zeta Cnc C G8III Gamma-2 Nor
G5V 39 Tau G8III Beta LMi A
G6V Alpha Men G8III Kappa Her A
G7V Alpha For B G8III Chi Eri
G7V Zeta Her B G8III Tau Aur
G8Vp Gmb 1830 UMa G8III Gamma Hya
G8V Tau Cet G8III Eta Her
G8V Xi Boo A G8III-IV Lambda And
G8III Nu Aqr
G8III Lambda Peg
G8III Mu Peg
G8III Beta Sge
G8III Kappa Gem
G8III Alpha-2 Cap
G8III Beta Phe
G8III+G Mu-1 Gru
G8III Mu-2 Gru
G8III Zeta Lup
G8III Nu Cet
G8III 71 Aql
G8III-IV Theta Aqr
G8.5III Gamma Lib
G9III Delta Dra
G9III Gamma Psc
G9III Iota Gem
G9III Kappa Cyg
G9.5III Epsilon Oph
G9.5III Epsilon Tau
K K0V 70 Oph A K0IV Delta Eri K0III Beta Cet K0II+B8V Beta-2 Cap K0Ib R Sct
K0V Sigma Dra K0IV Eta Cep K0III Alpha UMa K0II Beta CrA K00-Ia V766 Cen
K1V Alpha Cen B K1IV Gamma-2 Del K0III Beta Gem K0II-III Epsilon Boo A K1.5Iab Zeta Cep
K1V Omicron-2 Eri A K1IV Mu-2 Pav K0III Alpha Cas K1II Theta Her K2Ib Epsilon Peg
K1p? Iota Ari K0III Zeta Cet K2II+B3V Omicron-1=31Cyg K3Ib Pi Pup
K1V 107 Psc K0III Gamma-2 Sgr K2II Alpha TrA K3Ib-II Beta Ara
K1.5+K 36 Oph K0III Epsilon Cyg K2II-III 2 UMi K3Ib+B3V Omi-2=32 Cyg
K2V Gamma Lep B K0III Alpha Ind K2II Sigma Oph K3Ib Eta Per
K2V Algorab B K0III Alpha Phe K2II-III Omega Hydrae K3Iab Omicron-1 CMa
K4V 70 Oph B K0III-IV 46 Lmi K3II Iota Aur K4Ib-II Suhail
K4V Xi Boo B K0III Alpha Crt K3II Pi Her K4Ib Zeta Aur A
K4V KX Lib K0III Delta Crt K3II Beta Cyg A K4.5Ib Xi Cyg
K4.5V Epsilon Ind K0III Theta Cen K3II Alpha Hya
K5V 61 Cyg A K0III Gamma Tau K3II Gamma-1 And
K5V Gamma Cet C K0III Delta-1 Tau K3II q Car
K7V 61 Cyg B K0III Gamma-2 Vol K3II Gamma Aql
K0III Nu Oct
K7V Eta Cas B K0III Alpha Mon
K0III Delta Aur
K0III Nu Aur
K0III Theta-1 Tau
K0III Delta Cnc
K0III Nu Oph
K0III 52 Cyg
K0III Eta Cyg
K0III 37 Tau
K0III Mu-1 Pav
K1III Alpha Boo
K1III Gamma-1 Leo
K1III Lambda Sgr
K1III Epsilon Aquilae
K1III Eta Eridani
K1III Alpha Hor
K1III Sigma Gem
K1III Tau Sgr
K1III Kappa Her B
K1III Tau Pup
K1III Gamma Scl
K1III-IV 33 Vir
K1III Zeta And
K1.5III Eta Cet
K2III Alpha Ari
K2III Alpha Ser
K2III Beta Oph
K2III HR 306 Cep
K2III Wazn
K2III Xi Dra
K2III Nu Hya
K2III Kappa Oph
K2III Kappa Leo
K2III Pi Hya
K2III Epsilon CrB
K2III Eta Ser
K2III Tau Gem
K2.5III Epsilon Corvi
K2.5III Epsilon Sco
K2.5III Alpha Aps
K3III Epsilon Car A
K3III Alpha Sct
K3III Delta Sgr
K3III Rasalas
K3III Alpha Tuc
K3III Rho Boo
K3III Delta And
K3III Gamma CMi
K3III Zeta Ara
K3III Gamma Mon
K3III Chi Sco
K3III Ups Per=51 And
K3.5III Epsilon Cru
K4III Beta UMi
K4III Beta Cnc
K4III Alpha Ant
K4III Lambda Her
K4III Theta CMa
K4.5III Alpha Lyn
K5III Alpha Tau
K5III Gamma Dra
K5III Nu-2 CrB
K5III Omega Cap
K5III Lambda Leo
K5III Nu-1 Boo
K5III Delta Psc
K5III 31 Ori
K5III Sigma Pup
K5III Epsilon Lep
K7III 31 Lyn
M M0.5V Alpha Cae B M0III Alpha Vul M2.5II-III Beta Peg M1-2Iab 6 Gem
M1V Alpha Gem C M0III Mu Uma M2II+A0V Delta Sge M1.5Ia Alpha Ori
M3V Beta Aql B M0III Lambda Dra M3II Pi Aur M1.5Ib-II Alpha Her
M4V Omicron-2 Eri C M0III Gamma Sge M3II 72 Leo M1.5Iab Sigma CMa
M4V V1200 Oph M0III Gamma Phe M4II Rho Per M1.5Ia Alpha Sco
M5.5V Alpha Cen C M0III Beta And M4II Delta-2 Lyr M2Iab 119=CE Tau
M0III Upsilon Aur M4-5II XY Lyr M2Iaep+B8Ve VV Cep
M0III-II Upsilon Gem M2Ia Mu Cephei
M0.5III Gamma Eri
M0.5III Delta Oph
M0.5III Kappa Ser
M0.5III? Upsilon Cet
M1III Nu Vir
M1III Lambda UMi
M1.5III Alpha Cet
M1.5III Phi Aqr
M2III Gamma Hyi
M2III Nu-1 CrB
M2III Omega-2 Cyg
M2III Pi Leo
M2III 83 UMa
M2III Chi Peg
M2III Sigma Vir
M2.5III Hydor
M2.5III Phi Peg
M3III Mu Gem
M3III Sigma Lib
M3III Eta Gem
M3III Delta Vir
M3III Chi Aqr
M3III+wd T CrB
M3III 2 Her
M3III Psi Peg
M3.5III Gamma Cru
M3.5III Eta Sgr
M3.5III Tau-4 Eri
M3.5III 10=CU Dra
M4III Omega Vir
M4III 54 Eri
M4.5III Delta-2 Gru
M4.5III 10 Her
M5III Beta Gru
M5III L2 Pup
M5III R Lyr=13 Lyr
M5III Epsilon Mus
M5III 2 Cen
M6III 30 Her
M6.5IIIe U Ori
M7III Omicron Cet
L, T T1 BD Epsilon Ind Ba
T6 BD Epsilon Ind Bb
T7.5 BD 54 Psc B
T7.5 BD GJ 570 D
C, S Carbon Stars Carbon Stars Carbon Stars Carbon Stars Carbon Stars
S3 Omicron-1 Ori C5II 19 Psc C7I Y CVn
S5 Pi-1 Gru C6II W Ori
C5.5 X TrA C6II R Lep
S6III Chi Cyg
S6.5 T Lyr


AB Aur 30 Tau B

White Dwarfs

Alpha CMa B Alpha CMi B Alpha Leo Ab Omicron-2 Eri B 14 Aur Cb 16 Dra B

Neutron Stars

X Per-B

Black Holes

Cyg X-1 V Pup


The following tables list stars alphabetically (followed by lettered variable star names and then Flamsteed numbers) within their variable star classes: Cepheids, Miras, semi-regulars, irregulars, eruptive and other strange variables, Beta Cephei stars, Slowly Pulsating B Stars, Delta Scuti stars, Gamma Doradus stars, flare stars, eclipsing binaries, and ellipsoidal variables (tidally distorted binaries). Descriptions can be found both in The Natures of the Stars and/or in the stories of the individual stars. Miras, semi- regulars, and irregulars overlap to some degree, and it is not always clear into which category a specific star may fall. See their locations on the HR diagram.

Cepheid and Related Variables

Alpha UMi Beta Dor Delta Cep Eta Aql Kappa Pav l ("el") Car
FF Aql RR Lyr S=10 Sge V1334 Cyg U Aql W Sgr
X Sgr Zeta Gem

Mira Variables

Chi Cyg Omicron Cet R Hya R Leo R Lep U Ori

Semi-Regular Variables

Alpha Ori Alpha Sco BC CMi BQ Gem Delta-2 Lyr Delta Sge Epsilon Mus
Eta Gem Gamma Cru Gamma Phe Lambda Dra L2 Pup Mu Cep
Omega Vir Omicron-1 Ori R Lyr Rho Per Sigma Lib T Cen
VV Cep A W Boo X Her Y CVn 2 Cen 30 Her
119=CE Tau

Irregular Variables

Alpha Cet Alpha Her Beta Gru Beta Peg Chi Aqr Delta Gru
Eta Sgr HR 8752 Cas Lambda Aqr Lambda Vel Mu Gem Pi Aur
Rho Cas Rho Leo RX Lep Sigma CMa T Lyr X TrA
XY Lyr 6 Cas 6=BU Gem 10=CU Dra 10 Her 19=TX Psc
72=FN Leo

Eruptive and Strange Variables

Delta Sco Eta Car R CrB T CrB

Beta Cephei Stars

Alpha Lup Alpha Mus Alpha Vir Beta Cen Beta Cep Beta CMa
Beta Cru Beta Lup Delta Cet Delta Cru Delta Lup Epsilon Centauri
Epsilon Persei Gamma Peg Iota Her Kappa Sco Lambda Sco Nu Cen
Nu Eri Sigma Cas A Sigma Sco Theta Oph Xi-1 CMa

Slowly Pulsating B Stars

Mu Eri Nu Eri Tau Her Zeta Cas Zeta Peg 3 Vul
53 Per

Delta Scuti Stars

Alpha Aql Alpha Caeli Beta Cas Beta Leo Delta Aql Delta Cap
Delta Del Delta Leo Delta Sct Delta Ser Epsilon Cephei Gamma Boo
Kappa-2 Boo Omicron-1 Eri Rho Pup Sigma Boo Sigma Oct Theta-2 Tau A
Theta Tuc Upsilon UMa Xi Ser Zeta UMi 14 Aur A 23 UMa
29 Cyg

Gamma Doradus Stars

Gamma Dor Gamma Ser Iota Vir? HR 4686 UMi

Flare Stars

Alpha Cen C Alpha Gem C 40 Eri C V1200 Oph

Eclipsing Binaries

Alpha CrB Alpha Gem C Beta Per Beta Lyr Delta Cas Chi-2 Hya
Delta Lib Delta Vel Gamma Per GG Lup Epsilon Aur Epsilon CrA
Epsilon UMi Lambda Tau Mu Eri Mu Sgr Omicron-2 Cyg Sigma Aql
Tau Per Theta-1 Ori A Theta-1 Ori B V Pup VV Cep VV Ori
VV Crv Zeta Aur Zeta Phe 17 Aur 68 Her

Ellipsoidal Variables

Alpha Vir HR 6535 Sco Pi-5 Ori T CrB 2 Lac 35=UU Psc

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