Scutum, the Shield, lies to the center and toward the bottom of the picture across a bright star cloud within the Milky Way. Alpha Scuti is the brightest star down and to the right of center, while Beta lies to the upper right almost directly above Alpha. The variable R Scuti sits just down and to the left of Beta. Delta is the lower of the two stars just up and to the left of Alpha, Epsilon the upper one. Gamma just makes it across the edge at bottom center.

Aquila is to the upper left, Sagittarius to the lower left. The brightest star in the picture, toward top center, is Lambda Aquilae.

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See a wide high-resolution view of Scutum and its surroundings.

See the Milky Way from Scutum to northern Sagittarius.

See Scutum within the wide field around Sagittarius.

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