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Thank you for visiting. My work is centered on a love of the day and night skies. The lead picture will change seasonally. I have long researched the field of planetary nebulae, shells of compressed ionized gas that surround dying stars, and related areas, and am now principally interested in writing and in public education. The links immediately below take you to listings of books and articles written in a variety of areas and to a selection of research papers. Following these are links to several educational Web offerings. If you enjoy the above picture, try the Photo Gallery.

Writing and Research

  • Books include textbooks, works on stars and interstellar space, and on the sky.
  • Popular Articles provides citations to a selection of recent short works written primarily for beginnners.
  • Research cites selected research in the subject of planetary nebulae.

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From the Sun to the Stars First Magnitude: A Book of the Bright Sky
Stars and their Spectra The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars Heaven's Touch Heavens Above: Stars, Constellations, and the Sky
Vault of the Heavens: Exploring the Solar System's Place in the Universe, also published as Astronomy: Earth, Sky, and Planets Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
The Hundred Greatest Stars Extreme Stars The Little Book of Stars Cosmic Clouds Stars (Paperback)
Stars The Ever-Changing Sky (Paperback) The Ever-Changing Sky Stars and their Spectra (Paperback) Stars and their Spectra
Astronomy! A Brief Edition Astronomy! Elements of the Universe Principles of Astronomy Translations

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