The Great Lakes Planetarium Association/Minneapolis Planetarium


Stargazer Logo Come along on a journey to the stars with University of Illinois astronomer Jim Kaler in a brand new planetarium production written and produced by the Great Lakes Planetarium Association in conjunction with the Minneapolis Planetarium. Nichelle Nichols (Chief Communications Officer Uhura from the original Star Trek) and Dr. Kaler narrate this three-part personal look at astronomy. The show begins with a child's curiosity, moves on to the science of gravity, light, the spectrum, and how they help us decipher the lifestyles of the stars, then ends with reflections on the deeper meanings of astronomy in our own lives.

Where is The StarGazer being seen? For further information and to order the show, go to Page Two. See a video clip from the show!

The StarGazer is a non-profit production supported in part by a NASA/Space Telescope Science Institute IDEAS grant.