Sirius, in Canis Major, shines brightly at the top edge of the picture. Far below it, just above one of the observatory domes atop Kitt Peak in Arizona, lies the second brightest star, Canopus. The stars of Puppis, the Stern (of Argo, the Ship) lie to the left in the picture, while northern Pictor (the Easel), represented by Beta Pictoris, is somewhat above and to the right of Canopus. Southern Pictor is seen along with southern Dorado and Reticulum. Canopus is near the northern boundary of Carina (the Keel). The third part of Argo, Vela (the Sails) lies to the east (to the left). The bright star Regor (Gamma Velorum) is just above the dome at far left. The modern constellation Columba, the Dove, is represented by a small triangle of stars just up and to the right of center. Eridanus, the River, flows at far right. NGC 2451 is a prominent open cluster.