Eridanus, the River, winds from Cursa, just above Rigel in Orion at far left into a huge loop of stars that takes the River to the top right center of the picture where we find Azha, where the River turns to the south. The star just above the center is Zaurak, and the brighter star at lower right is Acamar (Theta Eridani), which used to end the River. Beid and Keid are just up and to the left of Zaurak (Beid on top). Rana (Delta) is the second star up from Zaurak, with planet holding Epsilon next. Eridanus now flows off the picture into the deep south, where southern Eridanus ends with brilliant Achernar. The two parts of the constellation are linked by s Eridani (HR 789, the star closest to the lower right corner). Omega Eri is just up and to the right of Cursa, while Mu and Nu climb above Omega (51 Eri just up and to the left of Nu). Tau-1 through Tau-9 cascade down and left to the right of center, Tau-4 the brightest of them. Zibal (Zeta) is between Epsilon and Azha.

Cursa is also "Orion's Footstool," an expanded version of which includes the box that seems to sit on top of Rigel and consists of Tau Ori (left of Rigel), Lambda Eri (right of Rigel), and Psi Eri (above Lambda). Eridanus was featured on Astronomy Picture of the Day for August 7, 2000.

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Eridanus has two stars with orbiting PLANETS: Epsilon Eri and q-1 Eri.

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