Canis Major (the Larger Dog) is dominated by brilliant Sirius, which lies to the left of upper center. Mirzam is to the right, while much dimmer Mulipein is to the left. The triangle down near the bottom, below Sirius, is composed (clockwise from the lower left) of Aludra, Wezen, and bright Adhara. Sigma CMa lies in between the latter two. Omicron-2 then lies directly between Wezen and Sirius, while Omicron-1 is just to the right (to the west of) Omicron-2. Tau is the brighter of the two stars a bit up and to the left of Wezen; the fainter just above it is 29 CMa. Furud (Zeta) is the bright star far to the right of Wezen. A line from Wezen to Adhara points downward toward Kappa. Lambda is then up and to the right of Kappa. Theta is the brighter of the two stars near the upper left corner. Xi-1 and Xi-2 are the bright duo below Mirzam. Omega CMa is he brightest of the small trio down and left of Wezen, while 27 is just above Omega.

Sirius is at the southern apex of the Winter Triangle. Canis Major lies to the east of Orion, the two here seen in context. The modestly bright star at lower center is Pi Puppis. The fuzzy spot down and a bit to the right of Sirius is the open cluster M 41.

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See Canis Major in context with the Winter Triangle.

See Canis Major in context with Orion.

For more on Canis Major, see "Going to the Dogs" at "Stellar Stories."

Canis Major has two stars with orbiting PLANETS: HR 2447 and HD 47186.

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