The picture stretches from by Orion at right, with bright Betelgeuse (up and to the right of center) and Rigel (down and to the right of center), to Canis Major at left, which is dominated by bright Sirius. They are seen toward setting, with north to the upper right. The faint stars of Monoceros sprawl above center, while box-like Lepus lies down and to the left of Orion. The faint Milky Way southeast of the Galaxy's anticenter runs from upper right toward left center, where it enters Puppis of Argo. Betelgeuse and Sirius are respectively the northeast and southern anchors of the Winter Triangle. The reddish spot up and to th right of center is the Rosette Nebula; the Orion Nebula glows in the Sword down and to the left of Orion's Belt.

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