Leo falls to the right-hand side of this wide-angle photo, while western Virgo lies at left. Leo's first magnitude star Regulus is toward the lower right corner, but Virgo's bright star Spica is off the picture to the left. Subra (Omicron Leo) lies down and to the right of Regulus; continue the line down to Omega Leo, which is the right-most of the set of three toward the lower corner.

To upper left is Vindemiatrix, below it is Delta, and below Delta is Porrima. To the right of Porrima lie Zaniah and then Zavijava, up and to the right of which is Nu. Omega Vir is just up and a bit to the left of Nu. The autumnal equinox is about half-way from the center to the lower left corner. Above the classic figure of Leo is Leo Minor. The lacy splatter of Coma Berenices is near the upper edge.

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Regulus is part of the Great Diamond.

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