Ursa Major, the Greater Bear, walks upright beneath the North Celestial Pole. The dominant figure, the Big Dipper (Plough in Britain), mark its hindquarters and tail The "legs" splay down and to the right, the "snout" (represented by Muscida) up and to the right. The star Alcor is just barely seen separated from Mizar. The central five stars of the Dipper (and several others) constitute a physical group, the Ursa Major Cluster. Talitha and Kappa are the northern and southern stars of the "third leap" of the gazelle; Tania Australis and Tania Borealis represent the "second leap." The stars of the third leap (Alula Borealis and Alula Australis) are off the bottom end of the picture. All three "leaps" appear on the image of Leo Minor. Kochab of Ursa Minor is near the top edge to the left, while Cor Caroli in Canes Venatici is near the lower edge. Between Kochab and the Dipper is Thuban in Draco. The hand and fingers of Bootes lie to the left of Alkaid.