The most famed part of Pisces (the Fishes), the "Circlet," which represents the head of the western fish, lies in the center of the photograph. The brightest star of the circlet, the brighter star toward upper right, is Gamma Piscium. The prominent star farther up, near the upper right hand corner, is Fum al Samakah, Beta Psc. Directly down and to the left of Gamma is one of the more famed stars of the constellation, the reddish carbon star 19 (TX) Piscium. Iota is directly above 19, while Omega is to the left of it. Kappa lies just down and to the left of Gamma; right below it is fainter, unrelated, 9 Psc. UU=35 Psc is the top star of the faint kite-shaped configuation at far left center. The constellation continues to the left toward central Pisces and the "vee" that makes the ribbon that joins the fish together. The Vernal Equinox, the point in the sky where the Sun crosses the celestial equator on or about March 20 (marking the beginning of northern hemisphere spring), is down and to the left of the Circlet.

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Pisces has three stars with orbiting PLANETS: 54 Psc (which has a brown dwarf companion), 109 Psc, and HR 8734.

See Jupiter and Uranus in western Picses in 2010.

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