The large "vee" of stars that occupies most of the center of the picture is the central region of Pisces, the Fishes, most of it representing the cord that ties the two together. Alrescha is down at the point of the "vee." The famed Circlet of Pisces, which represents the western of the two fish, is up and to the right off the picture (continuing from Delta, which is near the upper right corner). The eastern fish is up and to the left toward Andromeda. The bright body is Jupiter, which passed through the constellation in 1999. The brighter of the two stars at upper left are in Aries. 109 then 107 Psc are to the upper right of them.

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Pisces has two stars with orbiting PLANETS: 54 Psc (which has a brown dwarf companion), 109 Psc, and HR 8734.

Nearly a dozen years later, Jupiter is back in Pisces, this time accompanied by Uranus.

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