Horologium and Dorado Two modern constellations, Horologium (the Clock) and Dorado (the Swordfish), escape below the southern horizon. Among the dimmest of constellations, Horologium's luminary and Alpha star (just to the left of center) is only fourth magnitude. The others, including Delta (just to the right of Alpha), are fifth magnitude and fainter. Three more named stars lie much farther down in central Horologium, while Beta Hor is in deep southern Horologium. Toward the lower left corner is the third brightest in Dorado (the Swordfish), Gamma Dor. Alpha Doradus is just off the picture down and to the left of Gamma. The constellation's luminary Alpha star is below the horizon. Southern Dorado is seen along with southern Pictor and Reticulum. Caelum, the Graving Tool, is to the upper left.

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