Capricornus, the Water Goat, appears as something of an upside-down old fashioned hat. Algedi is the bright star toward the upper right hand corner. Its elongated shape is the result of its being a naked-eye double star (the duplicity only an illusion as the two stars are just accidently lined up). Dabih is just down and to the left of it. Toward the upper left is the Water Goat's tail, Deneb Algedi. Nashira is just down and to the right of it, while Zeta is the lower of the pair of stars rather well down and to the right and Omega the lower of the pair toward the bottom. Theta Cap lies just up from the center. Western Aquarius lies above and to the left of Capricornus, Microscopium below it, Piscis Austriunus to the lower right of it. A view shifted to the west shows more of Aquarius. Nu Aquarii is to the left of top center, while 53 Aqr is just above left center. Locate the brighter star to the left of Zeta. The globular cluster M 30 is the faint smudge just to the right of it.