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Colorful sunset

Photo of the Week.. Colorful sunset.

Astronomy news for the two weeks starting Friday, January 27, 2017.

The next skylights will appear February 10.

Skylights has been produced in various forms for 31 years, since 1985, and even before that as an annual bulletin. It's now time to simplify Skylights and bring part of it to a close. We will continue to list lunar phases, planetary passages, and other significant events for the coming two weeks on this website, but by bullet, not by prose text. Because there will no longer be any script, the telephone and emailing services have been dropped. The Star of the Week will continue as before, as will the Photo of the Week. Thanks all for your support.
Jim Kaler

The Sky

Orion, with his three-star belt dominates the stellar sky, Betelgeuse to the upper left, Rigel to the lower right. Just up and to the right of Rigel, is Cursa, Beta Eridani, which begins Eridanus the River. The River then meanders off to the south and west, ending in bright Achernar. Sirius, the sky's brightest star, lies southeast of Orion. If you live in the far southern US, you might spot Canopus, the second brightest. Then see the Big Dipper rise in the northeast as the stars of the Andromeda myth fall to the northeast.
Primary source: The Astronomical Almanac.

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