Lyra, with bright Vega, is centered in the picture, its distinctive parallogram dropping down and to the left. Cygnus runs across the bottom, Delta Cygni to the left, Albireo (Beta Cyg) to the right. Draco lies to the upper left corner with two of its brighter stars, Rastaban (Beta Dra) near the corner, Eltanin (Gamma Dra) down and to the right of it. The stars of eastern Hercules wrap around above and to the right of Lyra. The western edge of the Milky Way runs through the lower part of the picture, grazing Lyra. The "Apex of the Sun's Way," the direction in which the Sun is moving among the local stars, lies toward the upper right corner among the stars of southeastern Hercules near the border with Lyra. The apex is surrounded by a box toward the upper right that (clockwise from upper left) is made of Nu, Xi, Omicron, and 99 Herculis..

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See Lyra from Flamsteed's Atlas Coelestis Edition of 1781.

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