The dim stars of Lacerta, the Lizard, wind almost invisibly across the center of the picture, lost in the myriad faint ones of the Milky way, which is concentrated to the left (north). Alpha Lacertae is the brightest star just to the left of center. 10 Lacertae is one of many stars to the right of center, wihle 2 Lac is the third of the modestly bright stars up and to the right of Alpha. Stars of northern Pegasus are to the right. Pi-1 Pegasi is the fainter of the pair of stars near the upper right corner, Pi-2 the fainter. At far right below center lie Matar (Eta Pegasi, above) and Scheat (Beta Pegasi, near the lower right corner). Just above center at far left is Delta Cephei. Omicron Andromedae is the The brightest star near bottom center. 16 lac is up and to the right of it, while 12 Lac is up and a bit right of 16.

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See Lacerta in a wide-angle view of the northern sky.

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