Northern Cygnus is seen here at higher intrinsic resolution with Deneb, the brightest star (Alpha), close to center. Sadr (Gamma Cygni) is down and to the left of center, Gienah (Epsilon) just above the left-center edge. Two pairs of stars, the upper the two Omegas, the lower the the Omicrons, reside down and to the right of Deneb. The lower of the Omicrons (Omicron-1=31 Cyg) is easily separable from 30 Cyg. The two stars at the upper right edge are Sigma Cyg (on the right) and Tau Cyg; famed 61 Cygni is below them. Look down and to the right of Sadr to see the odd luminous blue variable P Cygni. The fuzzy image immediately to the left of Sadr is the cluster Messier 29.

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