The top two stars of Corvus, the Crow, the irregular box of stars to the right of center, point leftward toward the bright star Spica in Virgo. The right-hand pointer is Gienah, the left one Algorab. Kraz (Beta) is the lowest star of the box, while Alchiba, the faint Alpha star, is just down and to the right of the right-hand star of the box, Minkar (Epsilon). Inside the box, Zeta lies just down and to the left of Minkar and is the lower left of a tight pair (with HR 4691 to the upper right). The reddish Mira variable R Corvi is just below Gienah, and is the lower right of a trio of stars. VV Crv is to the left and a bit up from Delta and Eta.

The bright star near lower center is Gamma Hydrae, near the tail of Hydra the Water Serpent, on which Corvus sits. The odd Mira variable star R Hydrae is just down and to the left of Gamma.

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