Central Scorpius curves from upper right to lower left, dominated at upper right by first magnitude reddish Antares, which is flanked to the right by Sigma Scorpii, down and to the left by Tau Sco. Moving down and to the left, we encounter Epsilon, the unrelated pair Mu-1 and 2, and then the equally unrelated Zeta-1 and 2. Scorpius is here surrounded by Ophiuchus at the top (with Theta Oph at the upper left, Rho Oph directly above Sigma), Norma at the bottom (Mu Nor the brightest star toward lower left), and Lupus toward lower right (with Chi Lup at the lower right edge). Four globular clusters (Messier 4, 19, 62, and 80) can be seen in the top half, while several open clusters flock the lower left. Toward bottom center, HR 6094 hosts an orbiting planet. Note the dark Pipe Nebula at upper right.

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