The Constellations of Northern Summer, Southern Winter

Map 5
mag scale

Map 5 shows the constellations of northern summer, southern winter, for 8:30 PM for the month at the top between declinations 60 degrees north and 60 degrees south and from right ascension 12h 30m to 19h 30m. For each hour thereafter, the sky shifts one hour to the right. The ecliptic reaches the Winter Solstice 23.4 degrees south of the celestial equator in Sagittarius at lower left. The Milky Way, centered on the Galactic Equator, the mid-line of the Galaxy, runs from lower right to upper left. The center of the Galaxy is just to the right of Sagittarius's constellation outline. (The constellation outlines are not necessarily the same as those on the photographs in the Stars pages.)

Missing Constellation

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