Triangulum The classic triangle, Triangulum, lies at the center of the picture, the Alpha star Mothallah to the right. Beta and Gamma are counterclockwise around the triangle from Mothallah, while fainter Delta is tucked just up and to the left of Gamma. (The star to the lower right of Gamma is 7 Trianguli.) Mirach and Almach of Andromeda (Beta and Gamma Andromedae) lie at the top, Mirach at right. Hamal in Aries is at bottom. The "Triangulum Spiral (M 33)," a nearby galaxy 2.7 million light years away that under ideal conditions can be seen with the naked eye, is up and to the right of Mothallah A tri of modest stars below Triangulum, made (clockwise from the top) of 6, 10, and 12 Trianguli, represents the defunct modern constellation "Triangulum Minus," the "Smaller Triangle."

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