Little Lepus, whose main figure looks a little like an old box kite, lies below Orion, whose southern end is marked by Rigel at the top edge and Saiph down and to the left. Mirzam, in Canis Major, is toward the lower left edge. Arneb (Alpha Leporis) is at dead center. Nihal (Beta) is down and to the right of Arneb, while Mu Lep is up and to the right. Epsilon lies down and to the right of Mu. A line from Arneb to Mu extended through the same distance points at faint, reddish R Leporis (Hind's Crimson Star). Delta and Gamma (the latter to the right) complete a four-star box down and to the left of Arneb and Nihal. Iota, not part of the classic figure, is the left star (the brighter) of the close coincidental pair below Rigel; the right hand star is the iregular variable RX Lep. Below Iota is a triangle made of Kappa (directly below Iota), Lambda (down and left of Kappa), and Nu (directly left of Kappa). Zeta is up and to the left of Arneb.

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