Corvus (the box to left) and Crater (center and up to the left) ride the back of southern Hydra, which sprawls across the lower half of the picture. Beta Hydrae, classical Hydra's southernmost star, is at the extreme lower edge near the far left. Continuing to the east, Gamma Hya is found to the east of Corvus, while end of Hydra's tail (Pi Hya) is the west of southern Libra. Clockwise from upper left, Corvus's stars are Algorab (Delta), Gienah (Gamma), Minkar (Epsilon), and Kraz (Beta). Eta is to the left of Algorab, while Alchiba (Alpha) is below Minkar. Alkes (Alpha Crateris) is just down and to the right of center, while Delta Crt is just above center. The red variable star R Crateris is immediately to the left of Alkes, while the deep red carbon star V Hydrae is down and a bit to the right of it.

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