Grus, the Crane, an outstanding modern constellation, is outlined by a stream of stars running from upper right to lower left. Bright Al Dhanab (Gamma Gruis), a bit above center, marks its head, two more its feet. Al Nair (Alpha), the bright star toward bottom just to the right of center, stands at the Crane's right-hand foot, while Beta Gruis stands at the left. The line-of-sight double up and to the right of Beta is Delta Gruis, Delta-1 on the top, Delta-2 on the bottom. Up and to the right of the Deltas lie similar Mu-1 and Mu-2. Another such pair, Pi-1 and Pi-2, are unresolved and appear as one just down from the center of the line between Alpha and Delta, Pi-1 on the right. Tau-1, Tau-2, and Tau-3 are down and to the left of Beta. Epsilon Gru is at the lower edge just to the left of center.

First magnitude Fomalhaut, in Piscis Austrinus, is seen in the upper left-hand corner, while "The Persian," Alpha Indi, is toward the lower left edge

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Grus has a star with an orbiting PLANET.

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