Grus, the Crane, an outstanding modern constellation, is outlined by a stream of stars running from upper right to lower left. Bright Al Dhanab (Gamma Gruis), a bit above center, marks its head, two more its feet. Al Nair (Alpha), the bright star toward bottom just to the right of center, stands at the Crane's right-hand foot, while Beta Gruis stands at the left. The line-of-sight double up and to the right of Beta is Delta Gruis, Delta-1 on the top, Delta-2 on the bottom. Up and to the right of the Deltas lie similar Mu-1 and Mu-2. Epsilon Indi is at the lower edge just to the left of center.

First magnitude Fomalhaut, in Piscis Austrinus, is seen in the upper left-hand corner, while "The Persian," Alpha Indi, is toward the lower left edge

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Grus has a star with an orbiting PLANET.

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