The extreme southern portion of Eridanus, the River, winds its way as an S-shaped string of stars on the left side of the picture. The River ends at Achernar, a bright blue star at lower center that appears reddish here because it is seen through a great thickness of atmosphere just above the southern horizon. Chi Eri is up from and a bit to the left of Achernar, with Phi further to the left. The River continues up and to the left to meet the more northern part of Eridanus. The two parts of the constellation are linked by s Eridani (HR 789), the modestly bright star near the upper left corner.

The three stars of central Horlogium (Iota on top, pointed to by Chi and Phi) lie just below the left center edge. Only faint un-named stars lie between these and northern Horologium. Southern Horologium lies yet farther down. The stars of eastern Phoenix are toward the right, to the west of Eridanus.