Carina The picture stretches across the southern Milky Way (dimmed by full Moonlight) from Crux at upper left through a piece of southern Centaurus and a portion of central Carina at center, to southern Vela at lower right. The bright star at upper left is Acrux, Alpha Crucis. Eta Carinae is just down and tothe right of center, while Theta Car sits down and to the left of center within the fuzzy cluster IC 2602. The blob just above center is another cluster, NGC 3532. The NGC 3603 complex with its massive stars, invisible because of obscuring dust, is to the left and a bit down from NGC 3532. Lambda Cen is down and to the right of Acrux; Omicron 1 and 2 are the close pair up and right of Lambda,

A light cloud stretches horizontally at upper right. South is down and to the left.

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