The vee-shaped head of Taurus, the Bull, dominated by the reddish star Aldebaran, is to the right of center. Taurus's northern horn, represented by Elnath, lies at center left, Zeta toward lower left, down and to the left of the bright body, which is Saturn, which was moving through Taurus when the picture was taken. The head of Taurus is a star cluster called the Hyades (150 light years away), of which Alebaran is not a member. At the top is a more famed cluster, the more-distant Pleiades, "Seven Sisters," its brightest star Alcyone. Ain (Epsilon) is just above Aldebaran, while Lambda Tauri is the brightest star to the right of the end of the Hyades. Within the upper part of the Hyades' "vee" is a triplet of stars, from right to left Delta-1 (Hayadum II), Delta-2, and Delta-3. Kappa is the brighest of the triplet up and to the left of Ain.