All the stars are illustrated by constellation photographs that are linked into the text for each star. The first photograph brought up is unlabelled and is accompanied by a caption that describes the various stars' positions. Clicking on the "star" beneath the photograph will bring up the same picture with the outline of the constellation, large labels that are applied to the stars that have been described in the site, and smaller labels applied to any other interesting locations, constellations, or objects that appear. Beneath each of the labelled stars appears the Greek letter name in yellow and in smaller type. The constellation name is left off the Greek letter names of the stars in the featured constellation. New labels will be added weekly along with the stars that are featured on the main site. Try it!

(Unless otherwise indicated, all images were taken with a 35mm camera and either a 50 mm or 28mm lens with typical exposure times of 10-20 seconds on high speed film pushed one or two stops.)


Orion Orion (the Hunter) climbs the sky. Orion's belt, Mintaka at right, Alnilam in the center, and Alnitak at left, runs through the middle of the picture. Betelgeuse is the bright reddish star at upper left, Rigel the bright star at lower right. Orion's head is marked by the trio of stars at the top of the picture just left of center, the brightest of which is Meissa. The the red glow in the middle of Orion's sword is the Orion Nebula. Betelgeuse is at the northwest apex of the Winter Triangle.

To see a labelled image, push the star: star

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