Carina, the Keel of Argo (the Ship), runs through the middle of the picture. The bright star just to the right of center is Aspidiske, Iota Car. Miaplacidus lies down and to the left of Aspidiske, while Avior lies down and to the right. Northern Carina, with Canopus (Alpha Car), is off the picture to the right. Vela is to the top, Centaurus to the upper left, Volans down toward the bottom. To the right of center is the "False Cross," which mimics the true Southern Cross. The massive star Eta Car is embedded in the open cluster Tr 16, which in turn is in the much larger Carina Nebula. The open cluster IC 2602 likewise contains Theta Car. IC 2391 and NGC 2561 are also brightopen clusters. Image by Greg Dimijian.