By the Kids from SFL*


James the astronomy potato
Lives in the Milky Way
And studies stars by night
And gets his rest by day.

James the astronomy potato
Taught the kids from SFL.
He is a funny teacher.
He taught them very well.

And James said that the earth's axis
Tilts twenty-three point five degrees
Which is what causes the seasons
And in winter you'll freeze.

James stood in the projector's light
And declared "ooh that's bright.
And then he started spinning
To all the kid's delight.

And he talked about constellations
And how they form fun shapes
Though some are quite a stretch
They form dogs and bears and snakes

James the astronomy potato
Taught them all about the stars,
That they are blue and orange
And they're both near and far.

We thank James Kaler the astronomer
For teaching us a lot
We laughed and learned together
And boring you were not.

*Art and song lyrics (to the tune of "Roy the Christmas Potato") by the kids at Schooling for Life, with thanks.