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Mars M 104 Helix

For two decades, I gave "Astronomy Update" talks to annual conference of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association, after which the lectures written up for publication both in their Conference Proceedings and on the Web, the last one for 2008. After a hiatus of two years, this long-term project on astronomy news was continued in written form only, and with a different name, "Advances in Astronomy." The first of these covers the two year period, 2009-2010 (actually November 2008 - October 2009, consistent with the GLPA talks). The articles then continue annually. Deep thanks go to past and potential readers, to GLPA, and to Dale Smith for scanning the updates for 1989 through 1994. I am also indebted to Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Physcics Today, Scientific American, Hubble NewsCenter, and to numerous other sources.


Advances in Astronomy, 2011.
Advances in Astronomy, 2010. Advances in Astronomy, 2009.


Astronomy Update, 2008. Astronomy Update, 2007.
Astronomy Update, 2006. Astronomy Update, 2005.
Astronomy Update, 2004. Astronomy Update, 2003.
Astronomy Update, 2002. Astronomy Update, 2001.
Astronomy Update, 2000. Astronomy Update, 1999.
Astronomy Update, 1998. Astronomy Update, 1997.
Astronomy Update, 1996. Astronomy Update, 1995.
Astronomy Update, 1994. Astronomy Update, 1993.
Astronomy Update, 1992. Astronomy Update, 1991.
Astronomy Update, 1990. Astronomy Update, 1989.

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