Ode to the Moon

Allison Zak

Glowing white sphere
Silvery orb
Of glowing icy magic
You gaze down at me
Always watching
Waxing and waning
Whether you glow in the clear ebony sky
Or make silver mist behind the gray clouds

Oh moon; you are Artemis's glowing white tear
As she weeps for all she's lost
Seleene's essence, Thoth's eye
Egypt and Greece and many others together
More precious than the Koh-i-nor diamond
The mountain of light; in a valley of darkness
A milky pearl, bathed in light
Within the sea of sapphire sky

You make me feel peaceful, safe in your presence
Your sparkle in my eyes
Your glow on my skin
Your essence within me
Moon, my moon
Glowing moon, silver moon
The moon