The vee-shaped set of stars pointing downward at the center of the picture, reminiscent of a bull's head and horns and set in northeastern Ophiuchus, is the defunct constellation -- now an asterism -- Poniatowski's Bull (Taurus Poniatovii), which honors Stanislaus Poniatowski, King of Poland from 1764 to 1795. From the point of the vee upward they are 68. 67, 70, 66, and 73 Ophiuchi (ignoring the close pair above 70). All but 70 Oph were once thought to be members of the cluster Collinder 359 (as was Gamma Oph). Only 67 Oph survives membership, making Poniatowski's Bull something of a false cluster like Vulpecula's Coathanger. Fast moving Barnard's Star, too faint to be seen in the picture, is just off the top of the right horn. The bright star to the far right is Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchi); Cebalrai (Beta Oph) is down and to the left of it while Muliphen (Gamma Oph) is just to the left of Cebalrai. The bright star at far left is Eta Serpentis. The open cluster IC 4665 appears up and just to the right of Cebalrai.

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