Hydra, the Water Serpent, begins its winding way from upper right toward lower left. The longest of constellations, Hydra wraps around a quarter of the sky. Here we see the western two-thirds, the remainder diving south of Virgo. The head of the Serpent is a small circlet of stars near the upper right corner. Alphard, the "solitary one" at Hydra's heart, is the bright star just to the right of center. Zeta and Epsilon Hydrae are the two bright stars in the head near the upper right, Zeta on the left. The bright star near the top to the right is Regulus in Leo (the Lion). Cancer (the Crab) is at the upper right corner, while down along the Serpent's back lie Sextans (the Sextant), Crater (the Cup), and at the far left edge part of Corvus (the Crow). The open cluster M 48 is faintly visible near the right hand edge just below center. Hydra continues to the lower left and ends near Libra.