Achernar (Alpha Eridani, near center) and surroundings are seen rising, with north up and to the left. southern Eridanus (the River) runs to the left, central Horologium (the Clock) ticks at lower left, northern Hydrus (the Water Snake) swims at lower right, eastern Tucana (the Toucan) calls at upper right, while southern Phoenix (the Phoenix) flies at upper left.

Chi Eri lies to the left of Achernar, with Phi down and a bit to the right of it. Down and to the right of Achernar find Alpha Hydri, with Delta and Epsilon at the lower right corner. The close double at upper right is Beta-1,2 and Beta-3 Tuc; Aeta Tuc is to the right of them. Iota Hor is the left apex of the flat triangle at lowerr left. Zeta Phe lies direcetly above Achernar, Delta Phe well to the left of Zeta.