10 February, 1998. Astronomy is an ever-changing subject. While astronomers' understanding of the basics seems to be correct, they are constantly extending their knowledge of the Solar System, of the Galaxy, and of the Universe in general. We are slowly coming to a more complete picture as to the different kinds of bodies in the Solar System, including those that extend beyond the orbit of Pluto, and of the way in which the Solar System was formed. We are learning of planets that orbit other stars and of the different kinds of planetary systems. We are also finally coming to some agreement as to the nature of the Universe, which from current data seems to be about 15 billion years old and seems destined to expand forever. Developments over the next months, years, even centuries are certain to continue to amaze and surprise, making us revise theories and opinions, as we probe with ever greater depth the grand structure of all that is out there beyond Earth.